The CDs, I mean?

Having heard Stars Are Blind on heavy rotation on many hit stations, there is no doubt that Hilton’s song will assault our ears all summer. When I last heard her, the blathering wanna-be was sandwiched between The All American Rejects and Nick Lachey. I like AAR, the Lachey song isn’t awful, and frankly, Stars are Blind isn’t terrible. Paris is terrible. The song, written by Fernando Garibay, who has also written for Enrique Inglesias, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony among others, penned a pretty good dance song. Paris, even with the wonders of modern recording equipment, is just awful. I can’t imagine how there could ever be a concert tour.

Spinning in the CD player today:
Ben Folds’ tracks from Over the Hedge. With tickets this week to see Folds for the second time with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, I felt compelled to learn anything new the piano guy might slip into the set. Atttending a Folds concert is like attending a rock concert version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you don’t know your cues, you’re out in the cold.