Maybe for the last time in a long while, Bill and I are going to be breaking away for another military hop…

Call it Bill’s last hurrah on active duty. We’re taking advantage of his last six weeks in the Army and going on a trip. Where to, we’re not sure yet. I had my eye on England or Ireland. I was hoping we could get a flight to Mildenhall Air Force Base in England and then work our way west. But now, it looks like we’re going to Germany. From Germany, we could end up anywhere, really. First, we have to fly to Baltimore on a commercial flight. I bought us tickets yesterday. Don’t you hate it when you’re shopping for airline tickets and the price goes up $100 in the course of a few minutes? That happened to me yesterday.

If we make it to Baltimore in time, we could have two tickets to paradise… or at least Europe.

The flight will hopefully get us to Baltimore in time to check in for Space A travel. We have to be there by 8:30pm. Our plane is supposed to get to BWI by 6:50pm. Last time we flew Delta, we did end up getting delayed in Atlanta, both there and back. I would have liked to have chosen an earlier flight, but unfortunately none of the others worked out any better time wise. Bill’s mother is taking us to the airport so we won’t have to pay for parking and we have to put our dogs in a kennel. We needed to leave late enough to get those things accomplished. An added bonus is that because our car will be parked at mother-in-law’s house, we won’t end up losing it in the parking garage, like we did last time!

Here we go again… Just like Whitesnake, we really don’t know where we’re going yet.

I suspect we could end up in France if we make the Germany flight… what a fine vacation that will be.

We have no plans to water ski.

Or maybe we’ll get a wild hair and go somewhere completely unexpected. Maybe Slovenia? Wherever we go, it hopefully won’t be in America.

David Bowie and the Pat Metheny Group sing about disaffection and alienation in the United States. Every once in awhile, I feel the need to break away and go somewhere different.

I only wish it took 90 minutes to get from New York to Paris… though some of the trains in Europe could be described as “all graphite and glitter”.

Unfortunately, the future isn’t bright enough for 90 minute transatlantic flights yet.

Even if we do go to France, I don’t know if we’ll visit Paris. It’s lovely in the springtime, but we were there a few years ago and there’s more to France than Paris.

On the other hand, I could probably be talked into Paris…

If we don’t make the flight to Germany, we could always go to McGuire Air Force Base, where there are a couple of flights going to Hawaii. I have not yet been to Hawaii, though it would be very strange to get there from Texas by way of New Jersey. That’s the nature of Space A travel, though. You have no idea where you’ll end up.

The Rescues understand the concept…

If I’m making no sense today, it’s because the prospect of breaking away is on the brain. I love to travel. I love to be able to discover new places. And since we are breaking away for the next couple of weeks, I will not be posting on Pop Rock Nation again this month. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the month. Have a wonderful weekend and wish us luck! See you in June!

Good traveling music…