Our cars are finally here! Beep beep! Time for a few automotive tunes!

We shipped our two cars from Texas to Germany in late July. It’s now September 23 and supposedly our cars are finally ready for us to collect them. In retrospect, we probably should have just driven up to Bremerhaven in northern Germany and picked them up. We would have had them a lot sooner. But that would have involved about six hours on a train or flying somewhere and finding our way to the port. Our dogs would have had to go into a kennel. We opted to have them shipped to southern Germany and now they’re finally here.

Since we have maybe another week or two of weather that might be agreeable to driving with the top down, I decided today’s post would be about cars and the many songs that have been written about them. I don’t mean driving music… I’ve already done a post or two about that. This is a post celebrating cars and how glad I am that we’re finally getting ours. I just hope that I don’t have an accident trying to drive again after two months.

Believe it or not, it was Martha Stewart who introduced me to the great singer-songwriter David Wilcox, who contributes a great guitar laced number, “Rusty Old American Dream”. This is a great song about a classic car waiting for the right last owner.

Some years ago, I bought a CD of songs compiled by someone in Martha Stewart’s company. It was full of adult friendly songs that are gentle enough to soothe babies to sleep. One of the songs on the compilation was by David Wilcox. I liked it so much that I bought one of his live CDs and “Rusty Old American Dream” was on it. Neither of our cars are American and I doubt either is made of much chrome. But we’re glad to have them back, anyway, as long as neither was damaged in transit.

Gary Numan joins Nine Inch Nails at a concert in London singing his classic hit, “Cars”.

This song from the late 70s always reminds me of roller skating or watching shitty movies on HBO. But given that the song is called “Cars”, I think it belongs in this post. Besides, how cool is it that Gary Numan is doing this song live with Nine Inch Nails? This is a pretty great live clip. Sometimes YouTube makes me so happy!

Paul McCartney sings a classic Beatles hit, “Drive My Car”.

Actually, I think the greatest version of “Drive My Car” I ever heard, aside from the original, was done by Melissa Etheridge. And here I’ve found a video of a bunch of stars singing “Drive My Car” and Melissa Etheridge is among them, belting out the chorus…

This video is fun, though a little odd…

Speaking of Melissa Etheridge…

“Baby, You Can Sleep While I Drive” is quite sexy. I like Melissa’s original and Trisha Yearwood’s cover, too.

And finally, there’s the very annoying yet whimsical 50s era song, “Beep Beep” by The Playmates.

Does anyone drive a Nash anymore?

Today, as we collect our vehicles, I imagine we’ll be dealing with Germans beeping at us. I look forward to taking my Mini Cooper, which I bought here in Germany five years ago, on the autobahn with the top down… the car’s, not mine. Have a great Tuesday!