Let’s get it on.

Ryno comes on and says that Miley Cyrus is performing tonight. I’m guessing Jamie Foxx is nowhere to be found.

Also, Jennifer Hudson is performing tonight, which should be really good.

The group song is performing Maniac from Flashdance. Where are the leg warmers? Adam has to be wearing them. Nope, and a special moment was lost.

Anoop almost bailed on the stairs.

Zac Effron is in the audience wearing a beanie for no good reason whatsoever. He has nothing on the Jonas Brothers.

Ryno asks Allison to stand up and she is safe.

Jennifer Hudson with her Oscar

Jennifer Hudson with her Oscar

Adam is up next and he seems halfway interested knowing that there’s no way in hell that he’s going home. He is safe as well.

Anoop’s upside ya’ head is in the bottom three again. That might be his new home since he’s been there so often.

Jennifer Hudson is on stage singing If This Isn’t Love. I commend Danny Goakey for having the courage to sing on stage and holding it together for his deceased wife. But this is also real courage here. That’s a strong woman right there.

It was also a very nice song. The album isn’t fantastic, but she sings everything well on it. It’s just not too inspired, unlike most of her great work in her young career.

Paula says she’s surprised that Anoop is in the bottom three and when asked if Anoop deserves to be in the final three, Simon said, “Yes.”

Kris and Lil are next. Simon says that Kris was brilliant last night. Ryno says one of them is in the bottom three and one of them is safe. Lil is not the safe person. She joins Anoop.

Matt and Danny are up next. Danny is safe and Matt joins his friends in the bottom three.

Out of Anoop, Lil, and Matt, the one who is sent back is Anoop.

Miley playing keyboard

Miley playing keyboard

Miley Cyrus is out to sing The Climb.

While Miley might not be a good singer, I think the girl has talent. She has such great comedic timing for a young actress and she’s such a goof ball, unafraid to act the fool. I’ve been able to watch her Hannah Montana TV show a few times with the kids and it’s such a fun show. She just does the music stuff to show people that she can, but her future is in TV or movies. I hate to compare her to Lindsay Lohan, but I always thought Lohan was such a great physical comedic actress. I think Miley might be able to do what Lohan couldn’t because of all her screw-ups. Ok, I’m done tooting her horn. I just needed to do something while she was singing so I didn’t have to pay attention to it.

The judges have two weeks to use the save. Simon says that he’d think about using it on one of the two and that person might be surprised.

Matt is a goner. It’s easy for me to say that it’s a mistake for Matt to be gone, but really, it’s his own fault. He’s been so inconsistent. But now he’s singing for his American Idol life.

The crowd is calling for the save to be used. While they were deciding, Paula’s boobs nearly ate Simon’s face. I think that helped Simon make the decision to save Matt, though he said he didn’t think Matt had a chance to win the competition. Then why use the save?

Simon says that next week, two people will go home. He also warned us that it’s disco week.

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