Last night was a very interesting show, but it left me a bit empty, because I’m very worried that even though she was awesome last night, Allison might very well be going home tonight. I brought this up way back in the beginning. There was something missing about her personality and it was going to cost her. She’s become a bit more comfortable and that’s helped. But man, she’s turned her game up and deserves to go home less than ever. I’m crossing my fingers for Allison tonight.

Last night, they dressed the part and it enhanced their performances. Tonight, it’s back to the old lazy button ups and sneakers for Kris. They performed I Don’t Mean A Thing and I Got Rhythm. It was a fun, but very simplified performance. I guess after Paula put them through the ringer last week, they didn’t want to go back for more.

My kids think that Matt wears a hat to hide the wart on his forehead which they call his “third eye”.

All five are in the center awaiting their fate. Matty Ballgame is sent to the right side of the stage. Danny is sent to the left side of the stage. Allison is sent next to Danny, while Kris is sent next to Matty.

By the way, my wife Kara’s hair is terrible tonight. Sometimes, she just doesn’t listen.

In a shock, the bottom three are Adam, Kris, and Matt. Well, it’s not that much of a shock unless Adam is really in the bottom two. But at least Allison is safe.

Kara says her mouth drops for Adam and she even showed us how. I think she meant that she’s in awe from his performing and is in shock when she saw him in the bottom three. Because if she meant the other way, Adam might be in shock on his own. And plus, this ain’t Paula and Corey Clark.

Natalie Cole’s skeleton is performing. Ok, that was a bad joke now that I found out it’s because of Hep C and failing kidneys. She’s just way skinny, but she still sounded good.

Taylor Hicks is back on stage and singing a track from his new album. I thought they kicked him out of the American Idol alumni along with Diana Degarmo, Blake Lewis, Kat McPhee, Sanjaya, and William Hung. I guess he’s back. And he looks older than ever.

I’ll give it up for him though. If anyone reminds me of the kind of music Huey Lewis & The News was putting out when I was a kid, it’s Taylor. My youngest just told me that Taylor was “too Western” for his taste.

Jamie Fox

Jamie Fox

Ok, now Kara can open her mouth again. Kris is sent over to the other group which leaves Matty Ballgame and Adam in the bottom two.

Jamie Foxx is out performing everyone’s favorite excuse to touch a girl’s butt without her permission. According to Jamie, you can Blame It on the alcohol. Actually, I thought the song was originally written about Jamie being tricked by the club lights, taking someone home ugly early, and then the next morning using the goose and the henny as an excuse.

Ryno tells Matty Ballgame that Carrie Underwood is going to sing him home sweet home. I’m sad to see Matty going home, but it’s time. Don’t feel badly for Matt, there’s a market for white dudes who can sing R&B.

Tonight’s the night, I’m on my way, set me free, home sweet home.

Photo of Jamie Foxx by Rafael Amado Deras and shared via creative commons.