Why is Jason Castro sitting next to Alexis Grace in the audience? I didn’t think I’d have to see those dread locks again until the end of this season.

Why is Lady GaGa on this show tonight? I know she’s hot on the charts, but I don’t know anyone who has the album.

Why hasn’t Kara DioGuardi returned my phone calls yet?

Ok, just kidding on that last question. (She returned them.) But the first two are real questions. Someone please answer them for me.

The top 9 are singing Don’t Stop Believing. Scott is rockin’ out on the keyboard and if you didn’t know this was pre-taped and then lip synced, you know now. Scott was singing but was nowhere near the microphone. Someone should’ve held it for him. It was actually a pretty good version of the song.

Megan is wearing a dress that resembles red overalls. I don’t think it’s made by Osh Kosh B’Gosh.

For five minutes, Ryno had some of the contestants do impersonations of each other. None of them were all that good, but at least they were having a good time. Ryno also mentioned that this group of Idol contestants get along better than any others in history. You mean Ruben and Clay weren’t really brothers from another mother? Really?

Ryno tells Megan, Matt, and Kris to stand up and makes them walk toward the left side of the stage.

He tells Adam, Allison, and Lil Rounds to walk toward the center of the stage.

And the final three have to walk toward the right side of the stage. It looks like one of the three groups is the bottom three.

David Cook is on stage performing Come Back To Me. I’ve added the actual video to the song below.

They also presented him with his platinum album.

Ryno just told Kris to sit down.

Matt was told to sit down, but thought he was in the bottom three. He April Fools’d himself.

Megan is in the bottom three and for some reason squawked like a bird and flapped her arms.

Lil Rounds is safe.

Allison is in the bottom three as well. She doesn’t deserve to be there. But Megan does.

Adam is safe and they showed a shot of his friends. One guy had a wickedly bad mohawk.

Danny is safe.

It’s down to Scott and Anoop.

Randall says judging on last night, Anoop deserves to be in the bottom three. Anoop agrees for some reason. Anoop predicted correctly. He’s in the bottom three.

Lady GaGa is performing Poker Face. Nope, I don’t get her just yet. Here’s her actual video to this song.

Allison was sent back with the rest of the group. She’s safe. So it’s either Anoop Doggy Dogg or Megan who will go home.

It’s hasta la bye bye to Megan. Simon says they won’t even bother watching her sing before telling her they won’t save her. For some reason, she’s actually loose while performing. Still goofy, but at least she’s looser. I’m not sure she can necessarily feel the rhythm. But it’s ok. She’s going to be cute for at least another 15 years. She can live off that.

She tells her son that she’s coming home. Carrie Underwood sings her home sweet home.

Goodbye Megan Joy!