Because of Matty being saved last week, two folks will go home tonight. We’ll see if using the save on Matty will bite them in the rear as I think they had this week to use it if they hadn’t already.

David Archuleta performs tonight. Woohoo! Please, please, please sing Crush tonight. I mean, um, ya, David Archuleta sings tonight.

David Archuleta performs in Malaysia

David Archuleta performs in Malaysia

Paula choreographed the contestants for the group song tonight. The woman can still move like nobody’s business.

They’re performing a one of my all time favorites, Shake Your Body Down To The Ground, and are trying to hit all the classic J5 moves. At least they tried. This was probably the most fun performance thus far. And all the dudes got to try their MJ falsetto.

Let’s dance, let’s shout (clap), shake your body down to the ground.

It’s time to get down to business. Lil Rounds isn’t showing off the badonkadonk like she was last night. Ryan sends her to the left side of the stage and just says that it’s the end of the road for her.

She performs I’m Every Woman again. Paula says that Lil Rounds should’ve sang like that last night. Randall says it’s just the beginning for her. Simon says he’s going to miss her family screaming every week. Kara’s boobs are exploding as she leans forward. I didn’t even hear what she said.

Freda Payne’s corpse is on stage singing Band Of Gold. I’m kidding. For someone in her mid-60’s, she looks pretty dang good. Her vocals were pretty shaky, but her moves were on point.

She introduced Thelma Houston who looks very much like the lady in the bright canary yellow dress that they made fun of from a couple seasons ago. But her vocals were strong.

I don’t know why I chuckled, but she introduced KC from KC & The Sunshine Band. Ok, now I know why I chuckled. He’s terrible. Where’s David Archuleta when you need him?

Let’s get back to the second elimination tonight. Kris and Adam are safe. Danny is also safe. Anoop is not.

Matty is safe and Allison is not. Ugh. This is why you keep the save. Allison is the second best contestant and doesn’t deserve to be hanging out with Anoop Doggy Dog.

It’s Archie time and he’s doing Touch My Hand. The last time I saw him was on iCarly. Shows you what kind of television I watch these days. American Idol and iCarly – where amazing happens.

I can’t even describe young Dave. When he came out, he looked like he’d been out on a 3 day drinking bender with Bo Bice. But then he came out smiling like he was at Disney Land for the first time. And then when he was done, he was completely out of breath. What a weird performance that was.

If Allison goes home tonight, I’m going Kanye on everyone.

This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson
Now I’m mad, real mad Joe Jackson

Thankfully, Anoopy is the one to go home. Allison lives to sing another day.

Tonight, Carrie Underwood is singing Anoop and Lil Rounds, home sweet home.