Last night’s show was full of praise from the judges even though I wasn’t as into the performances as they were. There were only a few people who they actually criticized so it will be interesting to see how that affects the voting tonight.

Ryno says that in his hands are results that may shock us.

Last week I missed the song montage, and I think my gimmick this year might be that I pretend that I miss all of the montages because it’s usually the worst thing on the show. Well, if you don’t count the cheesy commercials that they do.

They show a nice video package of what happens when the Idol members get kicked off the show.

Michael says that his daughter asked him why he didn’t want to be with her anymore. He tells his daughter that he loves her while his eyes tear up. He should’ve used that trick last night.

Danny is very much safe. Lil Rounds tells him that he knew. And when Ryno told her that she was safe, she screamed with sheer delight. Anoop is also safe. What one good week can do for someone.

Ryno pits Allison and Michael together. They are both in the bottom three. Allison is very surprised as she should be.

Brad Paisley is singing live. Yay!

Ryno tells Scott that he’s safe and he’s one of the top 10, which means he gets to be on the American Idol tour. Megan and Matt are also safe.

Kris is also safe so it’s between Adam and Alexis. Simon says Adam’s performance was even worse on TV than it was live. Alexis is in the bottom three.

Here’s Adam’s creepy performance from last night.

Allison is safe. So where’s the shocking result? If I had to choose a bottom two based on last night, this is exactly the bottom two that I would’ve chosen.

Carrie Underwood’s hair is performing with Randy Travis.

Simon says the judges would consider saving one of the two if they were eliminated, but doesn’t say which one.

Michael is safe and Alexis is with us no more. Simon says Alexis was the one they were thinking about saving. I guess that says a lot about what they think of Michael. He says her performance will have a lot with their decision.

I’ll spoil it for you. They’re not saving her. It’s way too early in the show. Just wait until we get a few more weeks into the show and one of their favorites gets eliminated.

And she completely over sung the song too. They’re not going to save her.

Goodbye Alexis.