Kris and Danny are playing for second place right?

Paula isn’t sitting with the rest of the judges. Is she performing again? Ok, there she is. She must be dressed up as an empty chair.

Katy Perry at YouTube Live

Katy Perry at YouTube Live

Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry are performing tonight.

Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no

Right now Perry is hot. But I have a feeling that she is going to be cold very soon in this fickle music landscape.

Noah is singing I’m The World’s Greatest. Who is Noah? I’m not sure, but Alicia Keys introduced him after talking about donating money to Africa. Is it really good to be having young kids perform R. Kelly songs these days? Yes, Noah is male. I guess that makes it better.

Do you think that Kris Allen wishes he wasn’t quite so married these days? I think it will be great for his marriage when he doesn’t win this.

Jordin Sparks is out singing her new single, Battlefield. It’s an ok song and is more dramatic than anything on her bubble gum rookie album. It’s what you’d expect her first single off her sophomore album to be. Thankfully she’s singing here because she needs some publicity badly. No, not like Cassie and Rihanna. You’ll see naked pictures of Adam Lambert before you’ll ever see pictures of Jordin Sparks. Ok, maybe that was a bad example.

Before we find out who is eliminated, Katy Perry is singing Waking Up In Vegas. She’s wearing an Adam Lambert cape.

Perry is neck and neck with Anne Hathaway in the contest to determine who the pastiest celebrity on earth is.

And the first person who will compete next week for all the marbles is Kris Allen. His wife has to be upset.

And the person who will compete next week against Kris Allen is Adam Lambert.

This might be the hardest “Home Sweet Home” ever to watch. Danny dude, you walked tall.

Photo of Katy Perry by thomascrenshaw and shared via creative commons