After an evening of hit or miss Michael Jackson karaoke, it’s time to kick someone off!

My DVR screwed up and I missed the MJ montage to start the show.

Ryno says the contestants were done by midnight and working at 7AM the next day as if it was against labor laws or something to work that much. They’ve obviously never worked in the Internet industry.

Ryno tells Michael Sarver that he’s safe. Well, he wasn’t memorable, but I guess he didn’t need to be. Allison Iraheta is also safe even though she made Give In To Me hard to sit through. Jasmine Murray isn’t safe though. She’s in the bottom three.

Matt Giraud walks down toward Ryno as if he already knows he’s in the top three, but Ryno makes him sit back down. He’s safe. Kris Allen and Megan Joy Corkrey both stand up together, and for some reason, Megan is in the bottom three. She picked the wrong song completely, but she’s too cute to go home so quickly. Between Megan and Jasmine, Jasmine is the one sent home. That’s probably the right call. I think Jasmine was going to be on the bottom end vocally for most of the shows. Ryno asked Randall if the judges were going to save her and Randall said no. She’s going home. Save her? That’s new.

Kanye West is performing Heartless straight up with the vocal effects. And he cut the Theo Huxtable haircut. This dude is wearing tight jeans off his ass with a jean jacket and some black gloves. I guess when you’re it, you’re it. What’s funny is that he’s on a singing show and he’s actually a terrible singer.

Back to the elimination, Ryno tells Scott that he’s safe. I guess he kept the faith. Naughty Alexis is also safe. Danny Gokey is also safe. Jorge and Anoop must be shaking in their boots right now. Anoop is in the bottom two. Even though he screamed through Black Or White, Adam is safe. Lil Rounds is safe as well, but Jorge joins Anoop Dogg. Anoop is a tall dude. Carrie Underwood is going to send one of those dudes Home Sweet Home.

Kelly Clarkson sings My Life Would Suck Without You. That’s the song that Kara Dioguardi was humming to herself thinking about me during the show last night. How ironic?

Anoop is safe and Jorge is going home unless the judges save him.

The judges aren’t saving Jorge and he’s going home.

Each judge (I think) can save one person for the year, but Ryno didn’t say what would happen if they saved one.