Screenshot from the American Idol YouTube channel

Screenshot from the American Idol YouTube channel

The story of the night

It’s really, the story of the season.

How does Lazaro Arbos continue to stay on this show? The American Idol producers cut their own throats by showing us so much Lazaro in the auditions. His audition video went viral and many people tweeted it out and posted it on Facebook. We’re paying for that right now.

I’m sure what’s saving Lazaro is that he gained quite a following and that following wants to root him on no matter how badly he sings.

Wednesday night he wasn’t awful. Just maybe terrible in comparison to the strong singers on the show. And because of the Lazaro tax we’re paying, someone else will probably go home this week instead of him. I predicted Burnell.

Who rocked the stage?

Casey James was back shoulder shimmying looking like a waif model who forgot to take the hanger off of his shirt before he put it on.

Carrie Underwood also performed her new single, See You Again.

Who were in the top three?

Before Ryno unveiled the top three, he asked the judges who their top three were.

Keith: 1. Kree 2. Angie 3. Amber
Nicki: 1. Angie 2. Amber 3. Kree
Randy: 1. Amber, 2. Kree 3. Angie
Mariah: 1. Kree 2. Amber 3. Candice

I don’t understand all the Angie love. She was very plastic on Wednesday night. But I get the Kree (Summer), Candice, and Amber love. They are my three favorite contestants.

Ryno finally unveiled the top three and it was Kree (Summer), Angie, and um, Lazaro. Thanks American Idol producers.

Who were in the bottom three?

At least Candice was sent over to the other side as number four, which left Amber, Janelle, and Burnell in the bottom three. Amber quickly went to the other side leaving just Janelle and Burnell whose names rhyme.

Who went home?

Sadly, poor Burnell had to pay the Lazaro tax. He did try to win his way back into the judges’ hearts, but they chose to not use the save.

Burnell did one thing that was really cool though. As he was finishing his song, he started to sing to his fellow contestants and saved the last big note right for Amber, who he has a mighty crush on. That boy good.