As I wrote last night, America must’ve been smokin’ that stuff last week when Jessica Sanchez was nearly eliminated before Jenny Lo and company decided to save her. But there is no save this time. Will America be smokin’ that stuff again?

Here’s my top and bottom 2 from last night:

Top 2
1. Skylar
2. Joshua (edges out Phillip by a some chest hair)

Bottom 2
1. Elise
2. Hollie

I fear that my droopy faced girl Elise is going to be eliminated tonight.

Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook page tonight in Elise’s honor:

Remember her when she was on fire!

The top 7 sing Dancing In The Street. I’m not sure I’ve seen skinnier jeans than the ones Colton is wearing. If he was dancing in the street in those, he’d get got. They’d have to cut the muskrat off his head too.

Ryno brings Joshua and Hollie to the center. Joshua is rightfully through to next week. Hollie is in the bottom three.

There’s been a Taylor Hicks sighting! He looks no older than 65 years old. He introduces Kris Allen, a most definite mistake-winner. Adam Lambert has more talent in his wig than Allen has. And Lambert doesn’t even wear a wig.

Allen is doing a pretty darn good Enrique Iglesias impersonation with this song.

Skylar and Elise are next to center stage. Elise might as well just walk to hang out with Hollie now. She basically said that she thinks she gets the harder critiques because the judges know she’s older and thinks she can take it. How about because you didn’t sing well last night? I know, I know. Elise is my girl. And yes, she’s in the bottom three.

At this point, I fear for Jessica Sanchez’s life because of last week. If the world was fair, Colton and his skinny jeans would be in the bottom three. He was third worst last night.

LMFAO is on stage for whatever reason. Barry Gordy must be proud.

Colton, Phillip, and Jessica are in the center. Jessica is safe! Phillip is safe! The muskrat is in the bottom three. Colton is probably going back to safeland soon. Nope, Elise is safe! My droopy dog. I don’t have to pour out some liquor for her tonight.

Holy cow! Colton has been eliminated. Hollie is the Teflon Don this year. Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised as I thought Colton was one of the worst three last night, but I just figured the teenie boppers would save him.

Goodbye Colton, see you on the flipside.