Katy Perry

We’re coming down to the nitty gritty. Will Hollie finally go home or is my droopy-cheeked Elise done tonight? Or will it be a surprise?

Here were my top and bottom two from last night:

Top 2
1. Joshua Ledet
2. Skylar Laine

Bottom 2
1. Hollie Cavanagh
2. Phillip Phillips

The Queen Experience performed Somebody To Love.

Ryno is going to call everyone down in pairs. He calls down Jessica and Elise. Elise looks worried. She should be. Elise is in the bottom three.

Casey Abrams helps Ryno introduce Stefano. The best I can describe this song (I’m On A Roll) is that he’s doing a terrible Ne-Yo impersonation. I also think he’d finish no better than fifth place in this year’s competition.

Ryno brings up Joshua and Hollie to the center stage. Ryno sends Hollie to hang out with her girl Elise and Joshua is safe.

Katy Perry is on stage performing some song. The best way I can explain her performance is that she’s doing a terrible Stefano impersonation. Just kidding. But I didn’t really get it.

Skylar and Phillip are at center stage now. Skylar is in the bottom three. What? Okay, she won’t last there. Then again, that’s what I said about Colton. But I’m right this time. Skylar is safe. It’s between my droopy-cheeked girl and Hollie.

Give me Elise or give me death!

Damnit! Elise is going home.

Oh well, I’m sad. Elise deserved to be back for at least one more week. Seacrest (sigh) out.