Last night was 80s night on American Idol and most of the contestants did well. The judges went out of their way to let the people know that Hollie wasn’t good. I compared her to a child pageant winner on Popblerd, so I didn’t really like her as much either.

Here were my top and bottom 2 from last night:

Top 2
1. Joshua
2. Colton

Bottom 2
1. Hollie
2. Phillip

The show starts with Ryno Seacrest introducing Jenny Lo’s new video. I don’t care for the song that much, but as you’d expect, she looks absolutely amazing in the video. And look at that daggone one-piece. Yikes.

Joshua is sick and says he may black out. Ryno brings Joshua and Jessica to the middle of the stage. Joshua is safe as is Jessica. They were gimmes.

Some UK group named The Wanted is on stage. What is this, X Factor? At least, they’re trying to bring boy bands back. I’m all for boy bands coming back.

Ryno continues to bring them up in their duet pairs from last night. It’s Colton and Skyler’s turn to come to the middle. Before telling anyone they are in the bottom two, Ryno brings up Hollie and DeAndre as well. Deandre is in the bottom three. Colton is safe. Hollie is in the bottom three and Skylar is safe. That means either Phillip or my girl Droopy Dog, I mean Elise is in the bottom three. I have a bad feeling for my girl.

Before we get to see who is the last person in the bottom three, we get a Kellie Pickler and her song, Where’s Tammy Wynette. I think she’s trying to look like a sexier version of Carrie. Too bad she doesn’t sound like Carrie.

My girl is in the bottom three. Ryno tells Hollie that she’s safe. It’s down to Deandre and Elise. Elise is safe and Deandre is up for elimination. I think Jenny Lo may try and talk the boys into keeping Deandre, but the fact of the matter is, he’s going to be there again soon. No male singer has won this show singing mostly in a light voice or a falsetto, and I don’t expect that to happen now.

Jenny Lo tried to save Deandre, but she was vetoed. Deandre is going home sweet home. I think that they would only save Joshua, Jessica, Skylar, Phillip, and Colton if they were voted to be eliminated. Elise and Hollie better sing their asses off.