James Durbin

Last night, I blogged the performances show with Heejun Han. Okay, I didn’t really, but he was pretty funny on Twitter last night, so I just pretended I did.

I thought the show was pretty strong with really, only one weak point. And that weak point is little Hollie Cavanaugh. Here was my top and bottom two from last night:

Top 2
1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Elise Testone
2. Colton Dixon (sorry, I couldn’t decide)

Bottom 2
1. Hollie Cavanaugh
2. Phillip Phillips

The top 7 start the show performing Pink’s Raise Your Glass. It was kind of a disaster. Even my Droopy Elise wearing some sort terrible green hat that didn’t match the rest of her outfit couldn’t save it.

Ryno brings up Hollie and Jessica to center stage. Hollie has to be shaking in her boots. He puts Hollie on the right side of the stage. And Jessica goes to the left side.

James Durbin comes out sounding like Adam Lambert and looking like UFC fighter Josh Koscheck with a blown out blond look. Sadly, there was no Hulk Hogan this time.

Elise and Phillip are in center stage. Jimmy thinks they both will be in the bottom three. Phillip joins Hollie and Elise joins Jessica. Ryno better not throw us a curveball here.

Half of Jennifer Hudson is out singing Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man. It’s kind of a boring performance for her, but Ne-Yo comes out and cleans up. That dude is just good. I’m still looking for Jennifer’s second half. With heels, she’s nearly a head taller than my man. I wonder if David Otunga is in the audience with his bow tie and coffee mug?

And yes, Jennifer Hudson is skinny.

Ryno brings up Colton and Joshua and Jimmy says he’s in on both. Joshua goes with Jessica and Elise. Colton goes with Hollie and Phillip. Skylar is the only one left. And she’s the first one who is safe. Ryno swerved us. He stuck Skylar with Colton, Phillip and Hollie, who are the other safe folks. My poor Elise. My poor, poor, Elise. This saddens me.

Steven thinks they’ll use their save card this week. Um, Steven, you just ruined the suspense buddy. Joshua is safe. Jessica looks absolutely destroyed. Elise is safe! Holy cow. Jessica is so going to be saved.

In maybe the best moment in Idol history, the judges come up and save Jessica before she gets into half of the first verse of her song and she just looks shocked. She has no idea what is going on. But the best part is that J. Lo shows us a side angle of that badonk and man, that lady will always have it.

(Fast forward to about 1:57)

You know what this means next week though. Two people are going home. And since America was drunk last night, we could see two really strong singers go home.

Hollie doesn’t deserve to be on this show! Come on! Seacrest out!