Last week, the Idol contestants could do no wrong. Well, except when J. Lo gave Pia some pretty subtle criticisms about her lack of dancing and swagger. Last night, the Idol contestants could do no wrong. But wait, there was one person the judges slammed last night. That person was Haley. I fully expect Haley to go home tonight because when everyone gets praise, it’s the criticisms that stick out like a sore thumb. And also, I think Casey’s fanbase was out in droves last night voting for fear that he’d leave again after his interesting song choice (though really good performance).

J. Lo Booty Alert
Finally, she showed it. She waved to the crowd behind her and turned her back toward the camera and it was out there in display. I’m still waiting for the tight, white pants to show up, so she can show it off in all its glory.

Scotty and Lauren are duetting on stage together and they are so cute together singing in their country twang. I think those two are the easiest artists to sell out of the contestants this season. If those kids don’t sell at least 500,000-750,000 albums in their rookie releases, someone needs to be fired. It’s easy money.

Haley and Casey are singing together and they aren’t as cute together as Scotty and Lauren were. They are battle scatting out there and all the ten year old little girls are losing interest. But their mothers who actually enjoy music are probably getting a kick out of it.

Ryno pulls both twosomes out on the stage. Predictably, he sends Scotty back to safety. I’m sure Lauren is going to be safe as well. Yep, she’s safe. Well, it’s Haley who is in the bottom three. And Casey just told her that he loved her, at least I think. He’s done for next week after doing that.

Because the majority of voters seem to be young girls, it’s paramount that the dudes at least pretend that they’re single. If those little girls saw what I saw, they’re probably majorly bummed and will leave him for Scotty. Scotty gets it. Casey doesn’t get it at all. He just makes so many rookie Idol mistakes.

Rob Reiner is on the show for whatever reason. None of those young kids watched When Harry Met Sally. Please.

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson are on stage singing Don’t You Wanna Stay. You can barely see Jason as he’s tucked underneath the brim of his cowboy hat. Kelly sounds really good. I’m sure they’ll see a boatload more on iTunes tonight.

The rest of the four dudes are on stage together with Paul and James in the middle with their guitars and Stefano and Jacob tapping their feet and singing. It was fun, but nothing to write home about.

Ryno pulls the dudes into the center. Ryno sends Big Game James back to safety. Stefano is in the bottom three. Paul is also in the bottom three. Jacob is safe.

So, our bottom three is Paul, Stefano, and Haley. I had Casey in the bottom three, but had Haley and either Paul or Stefano in the bottom three as well. So I was close.

Chaka Khan and Anita Baker are in the audience to help introduce Rihanna. I wish Turbo and Ozone were with Chaka. Rihanna’s a ginger-head. I’ve never heard a love song about a California king bed until now. I guess she’s grown out of bunk beds. Rihanna is great and all, but I want to see who is eliminated.

Teflon Haley is safe again! Casey is way too happy with his mischievous grin. I would’ve bet money on Stefano leaving here, but it’s Paul who goes home. The quirky dancing, drunken singing, and floral suits stop here.

Notice the judges weren’t heartbroken that Paul was leaving tonight. If you don’t think there’s heavy favoritism on that table, you don’t watch closely. They know that he wasn’t selling a milli for Jimmy.

Seacrest out!

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