Hey Kids! Happy Monday!

Remember that thing I posted a week or so ago about the members of Sublime replacing Brad Nowell and trying to continue as Sublime even though the guy that gave the band its’ identity was now gone? Well, looks like we might have to test that theory out again even though the band member in question is not dead.

Rumors are floating around that Steven Tyler has decided to leave Aerosmith, the band he has fronted since Biblical times. While the reasons behind Tyler’s alleged departure are unclear, he has had a rough go at things lately, battling hepatitis, presription drug addiction and falling off of a stage during an aborted summer tour. Additionally, it’s been five years since the band released an album.

So, now I have two questions. First question-is Steven Tyler actually contemplating a solo career? I mean, the guy’s in his sixties. Shouldn’t he have considered this…maybe 15 years ago when Aerosmith was at it’s peak? Would a Steven Tyler project really sound that much different from an actual Aerosmith album?

Question #2 is what happens to the band? Guitarist Joe Perry has said that Aerosmith will continue with a new lead singer, and I have to say, that idea doesn’t rank very high on any list of good ideas. While Steven Tyler’s importance to Aerosmith isn’t as strong as Brad Nowell’s importance to Sublime, it’s pretty safe to say that in terms of the band’s public image, Tyler is 75%, Perry is 25% and no one gives a hot steaming shit about the rest of the band. I don’t think fans would go for it. So, maybe it’s time for both parties involved to hang it up?