In Washington, D.C.’s Verizon Center, International YouthAids Day got quite a push from some star power.

The WNBA’s Mystics (that’s women’s basketball, gang) played to a relatively sparse, but enthusiastic crowd. How interesting to see the same arena crammed to the gills for Paul McCartney and other big acts with empty seats.

Ashley Judd, a famous fan of U of Kentucky’s Wildcats baseball spoke with authority about outlet passes totterred about the audience at times, going braless and slightly slurry. Judd (pictured here) took no prisoners during a post-game interview with WNBA All-Star Alana Beard, taunting the crowd with GLBT references. Finally, she introduced her “big sister, Wynonna”. As more than one woman remarked, “If that bitty little thing called me anything, I’d bitch-slap her.” The elder sister did sound in good voice, and the band seemed sharp for taking the stage with a sound check too many hours in advance.

Lost among the commotion was a halftime performance of Sex by Lyfe Jennings. Jennings, fresh from major label attraction, is ready to burst through the charts this summer. Watch for him.