Today’s post is inspired by worrying… I do way too much of it.

I was up half the night last night due to my dog, who somehow injured his right hind paw on Saturday. He tore off the skin on his paw pad. My husband, Bill, took him to the vet, coincidentally the same one we used last time we lived in Germany. She wrapped up his paw and advised Bill to bring him back in on Monday, which Bill did. A different vet checked the paw and re-wrapped it. I don’t know if it’s the process of healing or the material in the “boot” the vet put on Zane, but he was very agitated last night. I ended up removing the boot and he spent the night chewing his paw, which made me start to worry that maybe the paw injury wasn’t just a simple flesh wound.

I tried to find Monty Python’s original, but these two did a pretty decent cover of “I’m So Worried” and changed up the lyrics a bit…

The worry over the dogs paw made me start thinking about my tooth, which has been bugging me. It’s the last molar on my bottom row of teeth that hasn’t yet been crowned. As we’re now in Germany, I don’t have a dentist yet… or dental insurance. Naturally, that made me think of how much dental treatment will cost and whether or not we can pay for it.

Medical Love Song is an old Monty Python favorite, sung here by Eric Idle… and I’m sure once we figure out what’s up with my teeth, I’ll start worrying about my health.

My mom had breast cancer surgery yesterday. She’d had two lumps removed last month, but the surgeon wasn’t sure he got all the cancerous cells. So she had a single, simple mastectomy yesterday. She was very stoic about the prospect of losing her breast, which I guess when you’re 76 ears old, your husband has died, and your kids are grown, it’s less of a big deal. It wouldn’t be to me, but then I’m not nearly as practical as my mom is. She’s from Virginia and has the accent to match, but to me she’s very Scottish and always maintains a stiff upper lip.

My mom’s motto… “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life”… I’d do well to heed this advice.

I really should relax and enjoy life, but little issues keep popping up conspiring to bother me and making me anxious and depressed. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor.

“Never Be Rude to An Arab” is perhaps a good reminder not to watch the news, which these days may provoke xenophobia, particularly when the subject of ISIS comes up.

On the other hand, “The Galaxy Song” is a good reminder of just how insignificant my problems really are. I live in the first world, after all.

I think I need to listen to Monty Python Sings all day today to remind me of what a big joke life really is.

Hope everyone has a delightful Tuesday.