Rage Against The Machine, California’s metal men, are toying with the web community years after breaking up with an album in the can. Their website features two counters. Could one be for a new release? Perhaps, although their supposed last tracks were released several years ago. A tour? Even more likely, especially for the first counter.

The two counters are spaced to go off at very different times. The early counter expires Monday, while the later counter is set for August 24.

This is Internet viral marketing buzz at its best. No messy MySpace pages, no email blasts to “fan clubs”. There’s just a simple mystery at its finest from one of rock’s most creative outfits. Special props to MTV for learning that the site’s name is registered to a concert promoter.

Since the boys reunited as the headliners for Coachella’s last night this year, that’s a good bet. Now if only their promoter knew that you can pay a few bucks more and make your registration anonymous. And what’s that second timer for?

Spinning In The CD
Amy Winehouse is fast becoming one of my new favorites. Back to Black is more than a year old, but it was one of those discs that just sat there. She is getting nowhere near the chart success she deserves in the US so show her some love next time you’re near a download or music store.