After the first real week of American Idol, we’re left with a couple of questions.

1. Who is the front runner?

The show would like you to believe David Archuleta is the front runner, but can a sixteen year old prodigy really be the front runner? As he showed last night, there’s a ton of pressure involved in winning this show. Truly, through week one, there is no front runner. There are several folks last night who showed that they will do very well in the competition, but we won’t know until we see who Fox promotes next week.

2. Is this season’s cast really that talented?

I’d say yes. The naysayers think that every year Randy, Paula, and Simon say that and they’d be right. But that’s their job. They have to promote the show. But this year, Randy, Paula, and Simon are right. Let’s look at season one of the show. Other than Tamyra Gray and Kelly Clarkson, every single one of this final twelve is better than everyone from season one. Just watch the Idol re-runs that are on cable. Match it up to how glitzy and well produced the singers are today. It’s not even close.

By the way, last night I predicted that Kristy Lee Cook, David “The Stripper” Hernandez, and Syesha Mercado would be in the bottom three. Syesha is the odd one out, but really, who else do you put in that bottom three? She was the least memorable out of the rest of the ten.

Let’s get on with the elimination.

– They showed Jim Carrey who is promoting the new Horton Hears A Who movie and my first thought is, why don’t they promote the Idol albums like that? It would be nice if Ryno Seacrest told us that Jordin and Blake had albums that were in stores.

– Syesha is the first one in the bottom three, so I was right with her.

– Ryno just made Chikezie nearly faint as he tricked him, but he’s safe.

– David Cook needs to wear a hat every time he’s on TV. It’s like Cal Ripken Jr. wearing a hat versus Cal not wearing a hat. The Cal with the hat looks like a baseball warrior. The other Cal looks like an old man with a round head. (Yeah, I know, dated reference. Oh well.)

– Kristy Lee went to get the microphone to sing before Ryno even told her she was in the bottom three. She guessed right. She’s also in the bottom three. I’m two for two.

– They should never do On Air With American Idol ever again. Please drop this segment. It was akin to watching the sweat build up on Phil Stacey’s head.

– Katherine McPhee performed, with David Foster on piano, and that was the best publicity for her album that she could’ve ever received. Too bad her album came out last year.

– Big Dave Archuleta breathed a sigh of relief and back to curly Brooke and Ramiele Maluby are safe as well. That leaves “Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya” Hernandez in the bottom three. I’m three for three baby! Chalk this one up in the record book. I’ll never do it again for the rest of the year.

– Syesha and Kristy Lee are safe. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Hernandez goes home. Big Rube Studdard sings him home. I think I’ll go buy the new go home music on iTunes. Word to Dan Powter!

At the end of the day, no big loss. He wasn’t going to win. I think the shake ups start next week though. Someone who doesn’t deserve it could go home.