I must admit that I don’t usually get into American Idol until the final twelve. This means that I don’t really care who leaves the show until the show really starts. Ok, maybe I’m lying just a little bit. When Sabrina Sloan was kicked off before last year’s final twelve, my heart skipped a beat.

But tonight? Wow. It’s not like I thought Alaina Whitaker was going to win the entire competition, but she definitely deserved a spot in the top twelve. She is young, has a great look and can sing, yet sadly, she’s gone. Usually, for the most part, America does a pretty good job, but for two weeks in a row Amanda Overmyer played and lost big. Her entire get up, with that big hair and all, was terrible as well. I didn’t think Alexandrea Lushington would necessarily leave either, but she was eventually going to get lost in the shuffle. That’s the problem with this year though. Other than Big Dave Archuleta, no one stands out.

On the side of the guys, does it matter who leaves at this point, except for Big Dave Archuleta? All I hear are voices. I don’t even really see faces. Big Dave is great at being gracious and egging the crowd on to continue their applause. He’s the definition of “aw shucks” and the audience will eat it up, especially when he can bring it to the table like he did this week.

Here are some other thoughts thus far:

  • Danny “Danjaya” Noriega needs to stop pretending he’s Sanjaya. His hair isn’t pretty enough.
  • Carly Smithson might be my favorite “voice” in the competition.
  • Kristy Lee Cook was made to wear tight dresses.
  • If Ruben Studdard lost 150 pounds, he’d be Chikezie.
  • Jason Castro’s hair looks ridiculous on that wiry frame, but at least he stands out.
  • While David Hernandez can sing, I never thought his papa could ever be a rolling stone.
  • I think David Cook, Luke “Perry” Menard, and Michael Johns should become one singer named Luke Cook Johns and we can just fast forward one week for the guys.
  • Ramiele Malubay is really growing on me. Where does that voice come from?

Until next week …