I didn’t plan on writing about this show, but after I thought about it, it’s a huge show (some 2 1/2 hours in length) and it’s for a great cause. If I should write about any American Idol show, this is probably the one. You can donate at AmericanIdol.com. You can also call 1-877-IDOL-AID.

– I wonder if Kanye West will show up thinking it’s another awards show and get angry early when his name doesn’t get called.

– Let’s hope Ramiele isn’t nervous tonight. You can’t get kicked off again Ramiele, don’t worry.

– David Cook singing Rihanna – where amazing happens!

– Why is it that when the show started and all these dancers from If You Think You Can Dance were hot steppin’ on the dance floor, I immediately thought, “Where are the Jabbawockeez when you need them?”

Act Like Ya Know

– By the way, Paula’s boobs aren’t popping out as far tonight. Arsenio Hall just turned off the television.

– Why is Maria Shriver on my television in the year 2008? Oh yah, she’s married to Arnold. Her cheeks have a life of their own by the way.

– Ryno just said that you can donate money by buying some of these performances on iTunes. David Cook singing Rihanna can be yours and it’s right at your fingertips.

– The es-en-double-o-pee and Charlie Wilson Can’t Say Goodbye. Charlie’s wearing one of MJ’s old glitter derby hats while rockin’ the mic.

– Teri Hatcher just finished singing Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats (this song has to be about Tony Romo) and Kristy Lee Cook just called her pitchy. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle dark skinned? I’m kidding. KL Cook probably thought it was great.

KL Cook’s Favorite Singer

– Let’s see. Billy Crystal is an old school comic. Miley Ray Cyrus is the hot new thing. And they can’t find anything entertaining for them to say for a very long five minutes. Well, it was still better than Forget Paris.

– They kick Chikezie off the show, but they still make the brother work the phones.

– Since this isn’t the time to necessarily be making fun of folks, I’ll hold off from saying that Fergie’s face resembles Secretariat. And plus, she did a decent job with Finally, with help from John Legend on the piano.

(She also performed with Heart who Idol owes some love considering all the female Idol hopefuls jack their songs. Fergie Ferg is also wearing a glitter wrap around her wrist. Yet another ode to MJ.)

– You know this is a big show when Eli and Peyton Manning take the big stage. Let’s just say they are better with the Xs and Os than they are at reading queue cards.

– The story about the kids who lost their parents to AIDS and were worried about being positive themselves was tough to watch. Yes, I can write this up without joking around. I haven’t shed a tear though. Yet.

– Celine Dion is on the show again this year, but she didn’t bring Elvis this time.

– Jimmy Kimmell just said that on some nights, it looks like Simon is smuggling the Olsen twins underneath his shirt.

– Sheila E. just came out and she still has it.

– The Idol contestants are singing Seasons Of Love. Teri Hatcher tried to get on stage and join them, but Dean Cain swooped in and saved the day. (That didn’t really happen by the way, but you know it would’ve been 10 shades of awesome if it did.)

– Dane Cook is still in show business? I just want to hear him say Daisuke Matsuzaka one more time.

– Miley Ray Cyrus again? Isn’t it past her bedtime?

For Our Young Demographic

Save for Brad Pitt wearing a Kangol (don’t worry Brad, I can’t really rock it well either), this was a very compelling TV show. I know, I know. Because it’s Idol, they’re going to get lots of money donated. And while they are going to get good ratings out of this, it’s still a great thing to do. I’m off to download some songs from iTunes to give back.