Week 2 was a terrific example of why this show works even if the contestants have off nights. If you ask those who watched last night, based solely on the performances, it was definitely below par. But then again, what are we asking of these barely less than amateurs? They were doing Beatles songs which are some of the most revered records of all time. How could these folks pull off any of the material well? And when they didn’t for the most part, you could just feel music fans going, “How could you not know that song?” The Beatles’ music is so personal to people and there was no way that these poor Idol contestants could win. But those very average performances did make me yearn for the originals. Maybe that’s the trick now. Have your songs ravaged by contestants so that people buy them on iTunes. Wait, the Beatles aren’t on iTunes. Never mind.

Based on last night, I predicted that Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, and Amanda Overmyer would be in the bottom three. Kristy Lee Cook’s nickname should be “Bottom 3”.

Before we get to the elimination, why Kellie Pickler? I guess they’ll tell us.

Let’s get to the elimination.

– It looks like Ryno is doing this one by one style rather than talking to the contestants as a group.

– Brooke White is back to the straight hair if anyone cares. I do! And I like the curly better!

– In the shocker of all shockers, Carly Smithson is in the bottom three. I blame the tattoos.

– And we get another shocker. Michael Johns is in the top ten. He’s thankfully hiding the chest hair again tonight.

– Kristy Lee Cook is in the bottom three, living up to her brand new nickname. Only one spot left.

– They really need to dump the segment where they take calls. It’s never been done well on television and some of the lamest calls get through, like what song Ramiele recently downloaded to her iPod. She actually said she only steals music through Limewire. Ok, she didn’t say that.

– Kellie Pickler is singing Red High Heels while wearing her red high heels, and I totally thought she was going to take a header walking down from the platform, but she made it safely.

– They are showing Fantasia with a homeless guy visiting Angola. Wait, that homeless guy is Elliot Yamin.

– Amanda Overmyer is the final contestant in the bottom three, which means, I got two out of three right. Last week I got all three right. Too bad that my NCAA Tournament picks will be a complete failure.

– Ryno tells Carly she is safe which makes Carly whisper, “Are you kidding me?”

– Kristy Lee Cook must have nine lives. Big Rube Studdard is going to celebrate Amanda Overmyer home.

So far, no surprises when it comes to the departed. But I’m banking on a surprise in the next couple weeks. If Johns keeps making it through, someone is going to have to pay. Seacrest out!