What do you get when you have singing groups of three? Trios, of course!

I am currently involved with a project on SingSnap.com that requires me to sing a song with two other women. We’re trying to decide what song we want to sing together. It’s not so easy, though, because I don’t really know these women too well. We all kind of have different tastes and styles. Because we need to pick a song soon and I want to be helpful, I figured today would be a good day to write a post about trios– specifically female trios.

When I think of this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary trio consisting of Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Back in 1987, they came together on a project they called Trio and made gems like this…

Oh, heavenly harmonies! “To Know Him Is To Love Him” is a great trio song.

Then I started to think about newer trios… like Destiny’s Child.

I must admit, I am more familiar with the version of “Emotion” Samantha Sang did in the 70s. But the tight harmonies on “Emotion” are very appealing, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, the Bee Gees aren’t down with allowing their music on SingSnap.com, so that song is out. Back to the drawing board.

What about the Dixie Chicks? They’re a trio and they are all over SingSnap.com! So let’s see…

How about “Wide Open Spaces”? That song is a classic.

Of course, if we wanted to do an 80s style trio, we could channel a little Bananarama.

I always liked this song… It may be a little too pop, though it is a bonafide trio effort!

Or we could go really old school and try an Andrews Sisters hit. Remember “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”?

This might be pretty hard to pull off… Gotta love those harmonies, though.

The Maguire Sisters were a little more soulful…

The 50s and 60s may be the best source for finding good trios!

This could be a real project for me this weekend. Anyone have other suggestions for good songs for female trios? Feel free to leave me a comment!