The first time I heard this song was at a listening station in at a Border’s store. I’d never heard of Allison Moorer (or of her and her sister Shelby Lynne’s startling family background) before then, and being that her music was stocked in the country section, I didn’t really think I’d like her all that much, but the Borders blurb suggested this track from her sophomore album The Hardest Part and so I gave it a listen. And for the next couple of weeks, I kept going back to that Borders just to stand like a dork at that listening station with those gigantic headphones on and listen to it again and again. It was love. I eventually broke down and bought the CD (and all her subsequent CDs – although I got skeptical when she started doing duets with Kid Rock) – after all, they had to change out those listening stations eventually. But ten years later, I can still get lost in all of this song’s epic weepy glory. And I love how she’s taken what’s essentially an archetypal Nashville tearjerker and given it just a hint of Sgt. Peppers-by-way-of-Jon-Brion atmosphere. I’d never actually seen the video until I went looking for it today, and found lots of 70s country rock facial hair and lots and lots of Las Vegas sequins in the middle of the desert.