I know it seems like it has taken forever, but the R. Kelly trial is finally now ongoing. I have had a love/hate feeling about R. Kelly in the past, loving him when he came out with his double album R, and then not so much after his alleged tryst with an underage female, his supposed unfaithfulness to his wife, and after reading stories of his overall weirdness, including the time when Jay-Z kicked him off their tour for his odd insecurities.

I don’t wish ill will towards the man at all. If he’s guilty, throw the book at him. If he’s not, he can do whatever he wants, as long as he and Jay-Z don’t make another Best Of Both Worlds. He’s not the only crazy celebrity out there and my favorite crazed celebrity doesn’t have much on R when it comes to decision making (ahem Michael Jackson). I just hope for a fair trial and that whatever happens is truly what each party deserves.

MTV.com has a great article laying out the trial and documenting all the key players involved. They also have a one stop shop for all trial news that comes in handy if you are following the case.