Some falsettos are just beyond anything mere words can describe. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Leo Sayer’s #1 smash “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”.

Now there are high notes, and then there’s this song. Throughout each verse, our man Leo is singing in a voice that no one with descended testicles should ever try to reach. Every time I go to a karaoke bar, I hope some brave soul tackles this song. Damn it, it hasn’t happened yet.

Watching this video, there are two things that jump out at me immediately. One, this song appears to have been recut from the original version. It’s definitely not the same instrumentally or vocally from the recorded version everyone is familiar with. Second, check out the dance moves here. White people, Leo Sayer just set you back 400 years.

Another somewhat surprising fact is that Sayer won the Grammy for Best R&B Song for “Dancing”. Weird, eh?