Lately, I’ve been pretty grumpy, so I thought it might be fun to look at songs for curmudgeons…

If you’ve been reading Pop Rock Nation lately, you know that I have been dealing with the pain of a recent move. Our movers damaged the floor in our previous house in North Carolina and that turned out to be a big pain in the butt to rectify. As we’ve been unpacking everything, we’ve found that some necessary items apparently did not make the trip to Texas and some things got broken. On the other hand, I have unpacked at least one box that was literally full of trash. Another box contained moldy bread and potatoes that the movers packed, as well as a thermos full of nasty coffee that wasn’t emptied on packing day. Still another box contained old pictures and love letters from my husband to his ex wife. I am still hunting for my college diplomas and am beginning to fear that they may be lost forever.

I figure I have a right to be cranky about all of this. And fortunately, there have been quite a few songs written for curmudgeons like me. Yes, I know there are times when it’s best to grin and bear it. Other times, it makes sense to bitch and moan a bit, especially when it’s done with a dash of humor. After all, it does suck to find things like mushy greeting cards to the ex spouse while not being able to find the base for the outdoor umbrella or the lid to the vegetable steamer. As I sit here this morning watching an old episode of Dr. Phil, this first song immediately comes to mind.

I Could Be Wrong by Tim Wilson

This song is full of profanity, but it pretty much sums up my attitude about all the “talking heads” out there telling everybody what their opinions should be. And as much as I enjoy snarking on Dr. Phil and his perpetual train wrecks, sometimes I get tired of it and need a break.

Chickenshit by Weird Wilbur

Weird Wilbur is an online pal of mine. I have to admit, he won me over with this song about losers. Every time I hear it, I am reminded of the people out there who are just “chicken shit” and give me a good reason to be a curmudgeon.

I Hate the World by Miles Betterman

I discovered the hilarious stylings of Miles Betterman on YouTube. “I Hate The World” is all about the things he hates. It’s clever and definitely highlights all the things that might make someone feel like a curmudgeon.

The Dickhead Song by Miles Betterman

“The Dickhead Song” sounds a lot like Betterman’s other hit, “I Hate The World”. Actually, I think “The Dickhead Song” is an older song and it never fails to make me laugh. I love the peevishness of it and the fact that it’s so easy to sing. Yes, I can think of a few folks who probably warrant a live rendition of this number.

It’s a Great Day (for Me To Whoop Somebody’s Ass) by Paul Thorn

Ever have one of them days? Everybody you run into seems to be out to piss you off in some way. Well, this song is full of wishful thinking. Hopefully, you don’t take it seriously, lest your bad day get even worse with a trip downtown. Still, it makes me smile.

The Revenge Song by Heywood Banks

This is kind of a silly song about revenge sung by the terminally funny and goofy Heywood Banks. If you ever like thinking about ways to get even but don’t want to get too sinister, this is a great song to listen to for inspiration. It always makes me giggle.

Asshole by Denis Leary

Believe it or not, I was made aware of this song in the early 90s when I worked as a cook at a church camp. One of the teens who worked alongside me as a dishwasher made me a mix tape with this song on it.

The Asshole Song by Fred “August” Campbell

I understand this song has been covered by a few folks. This is the version I was most familiar with and having once lived near the I-95 corridor, I totally get it. Also, my long drive to Texas reminded me of all the folks on the road who act like assholes. Of course, I’m sure some would describe me the same way… especially the guy who flipped me off on an Alabama interstate.

Anyway, that’s my list of songs for curmudgeons. Hopefully, you’re not exposed to too many cranky people today… or have too many reasons to be grumpy yourself. And hopefully, my diplomas will resurface at some point. I’m pitching Weird Wilbur’s album because he could use some sales.