When things go south, sometimes I like to listen to songs that cheer me up…

My husband, Bill, has been out of town since last Thursday. Although I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and sometimes even enjoy the solitude, the last few days have been difficult for me. Besides feeling sad, lonely, and bored, I have also been dealing with the house we’re renting, which has some problems that our landlord doesn’t seem interested in correcting. The bright side is, in less than three months, our lease will be up and we’ll be free to move. The dark side is, Bill is still looking for his first post-Army job.

Last night, things kind of came to a head. I had been fretting about the busted pipe connected to the pool pump which gushes like a geyser and can’t be allowed to run. But then the other night, as I was trying in vain to fall back to sleep, the smoke alarms sounded for no apparent reason. It happened during the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t discern which of the eight smoke alarms was causing the racket because the horn only sounded for a few seconds… long enough to scare the daylights out of me and completely obliterate any hope that I’d get back to sleep. That night the smoke alarms went off twice and pretty much ruined my REM state.

I had no problems with the smoke alarms again until about 7:00pm, when they went off again, once again almost giving me a heart attack. After the second incident in twenty minutes, I got pissed off and started disconnecting the alarms, one by one. I slept fine last night and Bill comes home today. Still, I’m feeling pretty pissed about this house and needed to hear some songs to cheer me up. In this particular instance, such songs might be about revenge. Here’s a favorite revenge song by Heywood Banks…

Heywood Banks cracks me up as he sings about the things he might do to get revenge on someone who messes with him…

I would probably dedicate this to the property managers who act like they can’t be bothered to do anything but take our $1700 a month…

Miles Betterman is a very funny, witty guy. I once shared this video on my blog and he left me a common. It gave me a thrill!

Miles follows up with this hilarious song called “I Hate The World”. I relate on so many levels.

I was feeling like this night as my heart rate struggled to get back to normal.

Awesome Americana musician Paul Thorn came up with this hysterical song, “It’s A Great Day To Whup Somebody’s Ass”…

I will have to listen to this song if I end up writing one of my trademark nastygrams to our landlord… On the other hand, I might just go to the Department of Health and complain about the filthy swimming pool he doesn’t want to fix.

While I don’t hate Texas and may even decide to stay here, our move here has been fraught with issues. My friend Weird Wilbur came up with this anthem after some local government officials hassled him over his music. This song makes me laugh, though I wouldn’t want to play it in a Texas roadhouse.

Yeah… I don’t hate Texas, really, but I hate where we live. I want to move.

I just discovered Dave this morning when he noticed a comment I left on a fellow YouTuber’s recording. He listened to one of my songs, which prompted me to check out his channel. He did a great cover of “She’s Not There” by The Zombies which made me laugh and smile.

I am grateful for the smile this put on my face this morning. I needed that in the worst way.

Truthfully, I know these issues are temporary and we’ll get out of this place soon… This song hasn’t failed to cheer me up.

Though we aren’t at war, it feels like one could start…

Hopefully not. For now, I’ll just look forward to Bill coming home today and do my best to find us a new lot in life. Wish me luck!

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