Snoop Dogg, which is what he calls himself these days, was arrested over the weekend at Burbank Airport for weapon and drug posssession charges.

Initial media reports said that the ground-breaking rapper originally was found to have a baton similar to the kind riot police and private security guards use, but that was actually an older incident at another airport, and Snoop was not charged.

He was charged in Burbank, though, when police searched his car after he left it at the airport too long. Police reporting finding a gun and marijuana in the vehicle. Snoop has a long history of arrests and scrapes with the law — a self-destructive path that could eventually consume the 35 year old just like Jimi, Janis and so many others before him.

Spinning In The CD Today:

I’m still liking Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans, which still sounds fresh to me a year after its release. Ben Gibbard just doesn’t get the praise he deserves — critics yawn, the songs go nowhere on the charts and the band’s following is too small to influence either.