I’m about to take the longest road trip I’ve ever done… so I’m looking for road trip tunes!

Okay, so I was technically on a longer road trip a couple of times. The first time was when I was a tot and my parents drove the family cross country in a Winnebago. I don’t remember that drive because I was too young, but I’m told I swung on a bar the whole way and stunk up the trailer by repeatedly filling my diapers. The second time was in 1996, when I went by bus from Yerevan, Armenia to Istanbul, Turkey. It took three days straight, but I wasn’t driving.

This time, I will be driving alone in my car while my husband drives our other car with our dogs. That means I’m gonna need some good driving songs. Here are a few road trip tunes that come to mind in advance of our three or four day trek from North Carolina to Texas.

Truckin’, by the Grateful Dead

Of course, I had to start with “Truckin'”, a classic Grateful Dead song that is all about moving down the highway. It’s got a beat you can nod your head to and some irreverent lyrics that one can sing along to. I can’t say I’m the biggest Deadhead out there, but I like this song. I think it will get things off to a good start.

Rockin’ Down The Highway by The Doobie Brothers

This song literally spells out “rockin’ down the highway”, so of course it’s an excellent road song. I imagine I’d better watch it with this song, though. Wouldn’t want to get a speeding ticket while rockin’ down the highway.

On The Road Again by Willie Nelson

I have always loved this classic road tune by Willie Nelson. Yeah, I know Willie is not necessarily a rock star, but he’s pretty damn cool. And this is a great song to drive to as you watch the countryside fly past.

You Can Sleep While I Drive by Melissa Etheridge or Trisha Yearwood

Melissa Etheridge

Trisha Yearwood

I’m kind of partial to Trisha Yearwood’s version of Melissa Etheridge’s edgy hit, “You Can Sleep While I Drive”. I don’t know why… there’s sort of a raw, earthy, passion to Melissa’s original, but I like Trisha’s vocals. But yeah, I can see putting the top down on my convertible as I drive to this song… Either version rocks!

Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin

This may seem an unconventional choice, but I found it to be great travel music when I took a train trip through Europe in 1997. It’s got a nice upbeat tempo and some lyrics you can sing to if you manage to understand them.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

This song is the ultimate let’s get the hell out of Dodge song. When I was a kid in high school, I fell in love with this song for its romantic lyrics and hard driving beat. Most of Bruce Springsteen’s rockin’ songs are great songs to drive to. And I intend to be rockin’ on this trip so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan

My earliest memory of hearing this epic blues number is when I was riding in a car, lying down in the back seat, and hanging my bare feet out the window as my sister drove us to Virginia Beach. Ever since then, this song has been one of my favorite road tunes.

Something To Talk About by Bonnie Raitt

I dare you not to sing along to this road tune, girls. I know I will be singing at the top of my lungs to “Something To Talk About”… though, if it’s too late in the drive, I might change the lyrics to “Something To Cry About”.

Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles

Yup… another one you can sing to… and seat dance to… and watch your speed to. I look forward to cranking up this and many other road tunes. Cuz I’m hitting the road, Jack.

The March by Robert Randolph & The Family Band

I freakin’ love this song! Actually, I love most of what Robert Randolph & The Family Band does. Their music kicks serious ass, especially when you’re driving. I plan to kill about eight great minutes playing this glorious track. I will also be playing Robert Randolph & The Family Band’s latest album, “Lickety Split”, reviewed here on Pop Rock Nation a week ago!

Robert Randolph’s “I Don’t Know What You Come To Do” is an easy follow up…

This song kicks serious ass! It’s an epic road tune if I’ve ever heard one!

Well, with that, I think I shall continue packing and see y’all on the flip side… when I am an official Texas resident!