Calvin Harris ”Sweet Nothing”

I’m disinclined to like this 28-year-old British dance producer whose first album was called “I Created Disco”, mainly because he’s a 28 year-old British dude who called his first album “I Created Disco.” (Silly DJ. Everyone knows that Gloria Gaynor created disco.) But then he went and hooked up with Florence “+ the Machine” Welch and this awesomeness happened. Calvin Harris did help Rihanna toward one of her more powerful and enigmatic singles (“We Found Love”), so it shouldn’t surprise me what a singer who can bring some real self-defense/self-immolation to a song with or without the rapid-fire electronics does to make Harris’s rapid-fire electronics actually mean something. Pretty intense and decidedly NSFW video, featuring Florence as a drag king who’s (literally) lip-syncing for her life.