C2C ”Down the Road”

This year, we had 2Cellos playing instrumental covers of Coldplay (on two cellos); we had Walk Off the Earth – five people playing Gotye’s “Someone That I Used to Know” cooperatively on a single guitar; and The Piano Guys, five guys literally banging out “What Makes You Beautiful” on all parts of a single piano (a friendly reminder that the piano is a percussion instrument). Those were all cool musical stunts. But I’ll take these four French turntablists slicing and dicing an old southern blues and building out of its pieces a deeply funky dancefloor jam (with harmonica!). Four turntables and no microphone. There’s actually a very good music video for this song, but I actually prefer to watch these guys put this song together live for the studio audience of a French television show. My neck gets sore just thinking about all the head bobbing I’m about to do when I press play.