Guess who’s back, back again!  Mikey’s back, tell your friends.  I apologize for being gone for two weeks, but I’m now back to spread some joy and expose you all to some more obscure gems that shouldn’t be ignored.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s now that time again; the time when every time you turn on the radio and all you hear is Christmas music.  Even though I’m a Jew, I have a soft spot in my heart for a good Christmas melody, but I can’t tolerate listening to the same 25 songs over and over again.  You know the ones (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bruce Springsteen, Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, Last Christmas by Wham! , and Jingle Bell Rock by The Singing Dogs just to name a few).  There is one particular pop song about Christmas that you will never hear, even though it’s sung by a relevant musician and the song has a terrific melody.  This tune I’m about to unleash on you is the key song from the infamous Santa Claus: The Movie (a movie of which I am honest in revealing that I’ve never seen nor have the desire to).  It’s Christmas (All Over The World) sung by Sheena Easton.  The producers probably figured that if Sheena Easton could score with a hit song from a movie in 1983 (For Your Eyes Only), why not try and get her to contribute another movie classic.  Anybody out there know this great song?

I have to give credit to my pal Jim for bringing this song to my attention about three years ago.  I had never seen the Santa Claus movie as a kid because my mom preached to me about not being excited about anything relating to Christmas.  I didn’t know about this song until my buddy gave it to me because he was shocked I didn’t have it in my collection.  Upon listening to it over and over again, I began to love it!  It’s a 5 star song, and is my personal #1 Christmas tune.  The song was never released as a single, although that shouldn’t mean that we can’t hear it in the same rotation as the plethora of other Christmas tunes.  It really irritates me that radio stations are too shallow and can’t think outside the box to expose us to different Christmas songs.  Perhaps if Rihanna covered this song, we’d be able to enjoy the great melody while stuck in traffic on a snowy December morning?  As for adding it to your collection, it’s tough but doable!  The 1985 soundtrack has been out of print for years, and it’s a not a song you can find on a Christmas compilation album.  People, we have been given a gift, and that gift is Peer To Peer!!!  You shouldn’t have a problem downloading on a P2P network!

What’s great about the song is that it is totally 80s-sounding, but has a powerful chorus that could cause many Jews and Muslims to want to convert and celebrate Christmas  Come to think of it, I’m going to listen to the song right now and prepare myself for another winter filled with commercialism, Christmas  pop culture countdown shows, and tons of Santa Claus sightings in malls.