I love the music gossip and braggadocio.

The End Of Lupe?
According to Billboard.com, Lupe Fiasco has stated before that his last album could be his next and that he will name it LupEND. And he even explained that END would mean everywhere, nowhere and down here. I thought END simply meant END.

Big Boi Promises 3 Times The Outkast
Big Boi promised a solo album for each he and Andre 3000 as well as an Outkast album before the year is over based on an article on MTV.com. That’s great news except release dates are so tricky that when you wet the appetite of fans, it’s easy to disappoint when something happens and the albums get pushed back. But that’s not even the best part of the article. Big Boi says that his album will be called Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty. I guess Speakerboxxx 2: Da Return was taken.

Suge Knight Blames Kanye
It’s quite odd to me that Suge Knight is suing Kanye West if this SOHH article is correct. He was harmed at a party that Kanye hosted before the 2005 VMAs. He’s suing Kanye for the price of the diamond earring that he lost after being shot in the leg. Well, then Tupac’s estate should be able to sue Suge Knight since Pac was shot and killed in his car right? Eh, it’s not even important to bring up the past. But I just find it so frustratingly odd when things like this come out. Suge Knight isn’t really newsworthy, but then again, this ain’t necessarily the news.

Photo of Lupe Fiasco by Drflet