There aren’t many moments in life that you get to write about KFed and John Forte in the same blog. This is one of those moments.

John Forte is trying to stay alive. (Billboard)
John Forte hasn’t been seen since he was stayin’ alive with Wyclef Jean. You still a small timer. Drug trafficking charges put him behind bars, but thanks to President George Bush he will be released on December 22 after serving only half his sentence.

KFed says he’s still rooting for Brit. (E! Online)
What’s most interesting about KFed’s statement is that he admitted that the turning point in their marriage was when the kids were born.

“For me, I’d become more concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important…I mean, we were having complications.”

Word to KFed just in case he ever gets married again. Your wife is most important my friend. If you put the kids above her, it’s no wonder that your marriage dissolved. What an admission for those kids to read when they get older. Yep, your birth is the reason your parents got divorced according to your dad. These people need to get a clue. Either that, or don’t have kids.

Eminem is 50 Cent’s grandmother. (
50 Cent was trying to say how special it was to work with Eminem. 50 is in the UK shooting a movie and the plan is to go to Detroit to work with Eminem for both of their upcoming albums. He said that Em is like a relative to him, someone who’s done something for him. “He’s like my grandmother.” Huh? What does that make Dre? Grandpa?

Britney’s dancers are drug tested. (E! Online)
Britney’s dancers are drug tested so that they are good influences for Britney. Shouldn’t Britney be the one that is drug tested? Well, she probably is too. Let’s just hope that they’re not testing for steroids, because all her male dancers would fail miserably. Oh, you thought they were natural? Don’t be so naive.

Photo of 50 Cent by aleksey.const and shared via creative commons