If you feel that your life hasn’t been complete since Garth Brooks retired from performing a decade or so ago, you may be in luck! The country legend, who has been certified platinum more times than any solo artist in history, has gone Vegas! Garth held a press conference yesterday to announce that he’ll be performing a residency at Steve Wynn’s Encore theatre in Sin City, following in the footsteps of Elvis, Wayne Newton, Celine Dion and countless others. This show will allegedly be unlike the spectacles that were Garth Brooks shows back in his heyday-instead being intimate…or as intimate as you can get in Vegas. Wait, that sounds wrong…Hmmm…I wonder if Chris Gaines will make an appearance.

Bill Cosby is putting out a rap album. Huh? Confused? Let me slow it down for you. Bill. Cosby. Is. Putting. Out. A. Rap. Album. Well…sort of. “Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnorati: State of Emergency” will be released on 11/24, and while it doesn’t contain The Cos actually rapping, the legendary actor/comedian came up with the ideas for the songs, and the album will feature the talents of, among others, Alicia Keys, LL Cool J and Eric Clapton. Being that Cosby has been extremely critical of hip-hop culture in the past (and I’ll admit that some of it has been justified), it’ll be interesting to see how this comes out.