I’m back with more musical gossip newsy goodness.

At Least We Know Detox Is For Real
A leaked track from Detox? According to MTV.com, the good doctor was none too happy that a track that could’ve been (and might still be) on his heavily delayed album hit the web. I’m all for whatever Dr. Dre has in store, but with R. Kelly on the hook, I think it makes it an automatic dislike for me.

Eminem Gets Leaked Too
Money Mike wrote about this yesterday, but I just found it funny that both Dre and Eminem are working on their albums so closely together and songs get leaked days apart. They should put their albums out at the same time to see who sells more.

Lil’ Kim Feels Left Out
Kim is upset about how she’s depicted in the new Biggie movie Notorious. I’m not exactly sure what she expected her role to be. She wasn’t the wife. She wasn’t the baby mama. She was one of two known mistresses. Did she expect to be seen as Biggie’s main inspiration?

She’s also a bit paranoid.

“I knew something was fishy about them having the writer call me. When I spoke to the writer I felt like he was trying to play me, so I wouldn’t give up anything,” Kim explained to the magazine (Hip Hop Weekly). “I knew I wouldn’t have control of how I was depicted. I did correct the writer about Biggie’s nickname for me. He had written that Biggie called me Big Momma. Biggie never called me Big Momma. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even like that name for me. He used to call me Mookie.”

And what would this column be without a little Kanye.

Kanye West Needs Two Months To Work Out So He Can Pose Naked
For reals Kanye? I understand that the man has layers like ogres. I understand that he had a rough year. But I think this guy is going to flame out. He says he wants to break the rules of hip hop. I’m fine with that. But when he says that he wants to be more popular but have less fans, it shows that he’s far too worried about what people think. You can’t make pop music, sell millions of records, and then be so sensitive.

Kanye clarified that by “less fans” he meant having a core of 20,000 devotees who understand him, rather than a swell of 100,000 “fly-by-night” followers who just favor him because he’s the hot thing out.

He should ask Common if having less fans works out for you.

Photo by Photocology and shared via creative commons