After the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation went down before the Grammys, I decided to stay away from making fun of the music news. That situation was way too real.

But, there’s other stuff to joke about now.

50 Cent Gets Pushed Back Again
The original release date for 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct was in early February. Obviously, that time has passed. And now, 50 Cent is getting pushed back again. The reason? Well, because Dr. Dre’s heavy hitter, Eminem’s album is coming out first.

Right now I’m on the train and the Em choo-choo car goes first.

You have to admit, that’s probably the right move. But let’s hope 50’s album doesn’t “self destruct” before it ever comes out.



DMX Loses A Food Fight
Can you feel bad for Earl “DMX” Simmons these days? Highly unlikely. Already serving a 90-day sentence, DMX allegedly threw a tray of food at a detention officer. According to the story, DMX didn’t want to eat his nutra-loaf and decided to try and take another meal that wasn’t his. When called on it, he supposedly threw the tray of food at the officer. It’s possible that this episode can add more time to his stay.

Uncle L Gets Another Shot At TV
And here I thought when it came to television, he’d only be known as Marion Hill in In The House. That show is very memorable, but mostly because the fine Maia Campbell was in it. It looks like Uncle L, the future of the funk, is going to be on NCIS: Legend, which is a spin-off of the show NCIS, which is a show that I’ve never seen. Good for LL because maybe it will keep him away from the mic. Exit 13 was no-kay.

Before I leave you, I can’t believe the kid who did one of the worst renditions of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror that I’ve ever heard made it to the final 12 of American Idol. Yep, I’ll be back when we get down to the final 12 to break it down.

Photo added by Extra Medium and shared via creative commons