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50 Cent Says He’s All Over Eminem’s New Album
That’s reason number 25 why Eminem’s album is probably going to be a disappointment. Won’t we hear enough of 50 on his own album? And on Dre’s album?

50 said he’s planning to be “all over” Relapse. “You don’t think I’ll take advantage of that opportunity for everybody to look at me and listen to me?” he asked. “Yes, I will.”

I might have to take the zero on that one.

Kanye Is Sensitive
Kanye says that it hurts him when 50 Cent talks mess about him. According to Mr. West, 50 Cent became his favorite rapper when Mase left. While Kanye has bad tastes in favorite rappers, he just needs to see 50 for what he is and that’s a hype machine. Don’t be sensitive Kanye. Dude is just trying to sell records.

Is Britney 2 Live For Radio?
Britney’s latest single, If U Seek Amy might have to be edited in order to make it to radio. Let’s say they change it to If U See Amy. Is it really more nonsensical than the song is originally? It doesn’t make sense at all as it is. The song did the job they wanted it to do. It gained more press for the album. Well done, even if the song is terrible.

I’ll end this with John Legend’s latest video for Everybody Knows. I wish you the best, I guess.