Ne-Yo's Libra Scale

Late last night, I was clicking around Facebook and noticed that Ne-Yo’s Fanpage was promoting the stream release of his new single, Beautiful Monster. But the single wasn’t going to be streaming on Facebook or his own website. It was going to be streaming on that site that everyone used to pay attention to and doesn’t anymore called MySpace. I almost did a double take because I hadn’t been there in months.

I didn’t wait up until midnight Pacific time for the stream to become live, but checked it out this morning. With a European club beat, It’s similar to Closer from his last album, Year Of The Gentleman.

If you really, really need to go to MySpace to check it out, you can go to his page and click on the first song listed. His MySpace site is all decked out in movie poster fashion for his upcoming album Libra Scale, which is due in the fall.

I’ve also embedded it via YouTube below: