Recently, as in the last day or so, a previously unreleased Lauryn Hill track was leaked and as is usually the case with anything unreleased by an artist of Hill’s stature, the Internet blew up.

Ok, I’m hyperbolizing a bit and I think I just created a new verb. What makes this more intriguing than most leaks is that Hill’s career is as mysterious as a previously unreleased track itself.

After being one of the most revered artists in the late 90s, her career went off the deep end.

There was that infamous unplugged album that she dropped in the early 2000s that showed her in a stage of her life that was much different from the perception of what a brilliant artist should be. She seemed, well, crazy. And she was fine with showing that.

Then there was the supposed Fugees reunion that started and stopped. There was even an iTunes single called Take It Easy that left a lot to be desired. Wyclef and Pras both publicly blamed the situation on Hill and said she was hard to work with and never on time.

But recently, there has been hope for Lauryn fans. She has started performing live here and there and is slated for the Rock The Bells tour. The timing of this unreleased track is interesting simply because it seems that she’s trying to come back into the public eye, even if it’s been in slow motion so far.

This song is probably not necessarily “new”, because supposedly Lauryn has a ton of unreleased material from previous restarts of her career that stopped for whatever reason.

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