Later this fall, Ne-Yo’s set to release his fourth album titled Libra Scale. He’s an artist who’s grown with every record, from his rookie album In My Own Words all the way to one of the best albums in 2008, Year Of The Gentlemen. He’s just as famous for his pen game, including writing songs like Beyonce’s big hit, Irreplaceable.

Ne-Yo has released three singles from the new album. Beautiful Monster was released first in the summer to a tepid response and Champagne Life similarly came and went without huge success. Third single, One In A Million, has a softer feel and is reminiscent of something one of his four idols, Michael Jackson may have put out. It almost feels like this is the kind of song that he would’ve written for Jackson if they had the chance to get in the studio together before Jackson passed.

The video is part of a six video set which is based on the theme of what happens when one gets money, fame, power, and love.

Check out the video to One In A Million.