Snoop Dogg’s been a lot of things over the course of the fifteen-plus years that he’s been on the scene. Gangsta rap icon. Pimpery proponent. Multi-faceted pitchman. But…country singer??

The D-O-Double G’s new song, “My Medicine” (which Snoop says is a tribute to Johnny Cash), finds Snoop getting his country-rock on with the help of Everlast, who co-wrote and produced the record (something tells me his schedule wasn’t too full). The video includes cameos from current C&W superstar Brad Paisley (who you’ve gotta love just for the fact that he seems to have a fantastic sense of humor), and country icon Willie Nelson. Willie’s involvement makes a lot more sense when you realize that the song, in typical Snoop fashion, is about weed. One can only imagine the collective fumes that were coming out of *that* trailer.

Although “Sensual Seduction Sexual Eruption” was a fantastic record, it’s safe to say Snoop really lost his mojo quite a while ago, and this attempt to woo country music listeners falls a bit flat once the novelty of “oh, shit! Snoop’s making a country record!” wears off.  The video is cute, but there’s not much in the way of replay value, and I think the days of Snoop being a hungry rapper who made consistently good records are long gone.

But damn, I wish I was somewhere in the general vicinity of that trailer…