Mellow Down Easy - 2009

Mellow Down Easy - 2009

Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash joust for space among your influences.

Nashville is home, but the road is really home.

Two albums done and sold after shows and online. Your guitarist wins places third in a poll of Nashville songwriters which is like finishing behind Santa Claus and Spider-Man on a list of pre-school heroes.

Authentic blues that traveled from Chicago to Brighton and down to Nashville twist their way around sensible rock licks and pop hooks. Country infuses the whole mix, but outside of a few genres, what doesn’t country infuse any more?

You are Mellow Down Easy. G-Unit’s Young Buck praised you. So did Johnny Cash before he passed. Even Ryan Adams took a break from writing his 14th song that month to say some nice things.

You are Andrew Adkins on guitar, Darryl Dasher on bass when someone isn’t hauling him into the studio to play on a track and drummer Rodney Russell. You all not only have cool initials, but a sound that penetrates past the defenses and is instantly comfortable and hummable.

Now it’s time for the next chapter.