Some quick thoughts:

– Ryan Seacrest has been like one of those annoying elevator passengers in the SNL skit – he can barely get through an interview without spouting a few lines of the artists’ signature hit.

– Whoah. Cyndi Lauper’s hair!

– Ryan Seacrest is Flo Rida’s brother! I had no idea…

– Katy Perry… isn’t sheeee pretty in pink. (Seriously, she looked adorable.) She kissed a girl and she’s wearing a Lebanese designer. (Heh heh… he said “Lebanese”). (Paula Abdul was wearing the same designer!)

– Ryan’s Simon Cowell obsession is just gruesome. I really don’t want to know whether he finds Paula more sexually attractive or vice versa. That’s just gross. And duh! Doesn’t Ryan have to, like, work with these people? Am I a prude to think that maybe there are some questions you just don’t ask a co-worker? (Even if – especially if

– Wait wait wait… what’s the news ticker saying about The Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson? (He announced he’s in remission from prostate cancer.)

– Sheryl Crow’s “hiding her Blackberry”.   Holy sh-t, look at those heels!

-  Double Holy Sh-t…  Chris Brown?  Suspected of felony battery?  Will he make it to the ceremony to perform?  Who’da thunk?  He seems like such a nice guy.

Okay folks, I’m out for now… taking a dinner break.   I’ll be back later.

As Paul takes his dinner break, a couple of thoughts from me (Mike)-

-How short is Ryan Seacrest exactly? He comes up to John Mayer’s belly button.

-So Chris Brown is under investigation for assault on a female? What’s next? Is Justin Timberlake going to get arrested for slapping a toddler?

-Ryan Seacrest just called a genius. If he’s a genius, then I’m MENSA material.

-If M.I.A. gives birth on stage, who delivers the baby?

-Why is Jenny Hud wearing one of those dentist’s bibs? Is she getting drilled while she’s in the audience?

-How crazy is it that she met her future husband while watching “I Love New York”?

-Boyz II Men came to the Grammys to look for their careers.

-It’s Quincy!! He’s gonna talk for the next 25 minutes.