Of course, no one would expect a musical offering from Lindsay Lohan to provide any kind of creative sustenance. But, damn. Even for throwaway pop music, Lohan’s new single, “Bossy”, is bad. Not bad meaning “good”, but BAD.

Although Linds tried to go “rocker chick” on her flop last album, “Bossy” finds her in the same dance-pop mode as her former BFFs Britney and Paris. Actually, if you combined Brit’s “Gimme More” with Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” and gave it several Ambien, you’d get “Bossy”. Lindsay sounds like she’s singing while drying her nails, and this is a definite low point in the career of Ne-Yo, who co-wrote the song in association with his normal production team StarGate.

Maybe next time, Lohan will ask her girlfriend Sam Ronson for a favor and let Sam’s Grammy-winning producer Mark put together some tracks for her.