DJ Hero Early Cover Art

Did any of y’all know that Jay-Z and Eminem were going to take over late night last night? If it wasn’t for a Fab Five Freddy tweet, I wouldn’t have even known.

Eminem delivered a rather wooden Late Show Top 10. Is it just me, or if Ellen DeGeneres gets a buzz cut, could she and Em be kin folk? Jay-Z did a goofy guest segment in which he laughed at Dave’s jokes.

They were on the show promoting their September concert shows in New York and Detroit, which will take place at the baseball stadiums.

And then, they performed on the roof top, which according to, was pre-taped early in the week atop the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Eminem went first with his single Not Afraid, (from his new album Recovery) which has both become every baseball player’s batter walk-up music and every MMA fighter’s entrance music.

Then Jay-Z was next with On To The Next One and I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen dude wear shorts.

Lastly, they performed the song Renegade together, which is the best promotion for that concert you can have.