Latest releases not doing too well?

Down in the dumps because Fiddy and Lil’ Kim get popped while you get ignored?

Welcome to the Jadakiss PR Machine.

Seems our old buddy, who hasn’t been arrested in two years, got stopped in New York this holiday weekend. Police officers reportedly found a handgun in the rapper’s vehicle — almost exactly what happened to him two years ago in North Carolina.

That was around the time that Jada beat Kanye to the punch by asking the musical question about GWB knocking down the WTC. Does our friend Jason like publicity? Dunno, but it seems a convenient arrest for a rapper whose latest single is Jada’s Got A Gun.

Ruff Ryder or no, I’m feeling a little used.

Spinning In The CD:
Has Weird Al really been doing all this to us for decades now? I’m laughing my ass off that a whole new generation is discovering him. And you know what? The man can put a song over. Listen for Yankovic’s White and Nerdy and Canadian Idiot off Straight Outta Lynwood. Al is definitely getting better with age.